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History of Bagpiping in Hawaii

History of Bagpiping in Hawaii

"UPOHO UKA NUI'O KEKOKIA (Scotland's Great Highland Bagpipe) - The Story of Bagpipes, Bagpipers, and Bagpipe Bands in Hawai'i with accounts of King Kalakaua's Visit to Scotland", by Hardy Spoehr. Paperback, with 345 pages and many period sketches, postcards and photographs.

"Hawai'i and Scotland have shared the historical stage for more than 225 years. Beginning with Captain James Cook's arrival in Hawai'i and King David Kalakaua's visit to Scotland, and continuing through today's sovereignty efforts in both lands, Hawai'i and Scotland have shared with one another their Keiki Hanau o Ka'Aina, their sons and daughters. The bagpipes serve as a wonderful metaphor for these sharings for they represent all those things that both populations honor and hold dear - cultural values built around family, independance and responsibility, and historical governance structured on chiefs or monarchs tempered by democratic principles. This book traces the history of the bagpipe from its introduction to Hawai'i to its present day pipers and pipe bands - and much more."

This fabulous work of research (and labor of love) by Honolulu bagpiper Hardy Spoehr, has been seven years in the making, and contains great archival pictures, and newspaper accounts back to the 1800s. Great reading for Hawai'i history buffs and a must for Hawai'i pipers and bagpipe history enthusiasts. The section on the history of bagpiping on Maui was contributed by Maui Celtic's own Hamish Douglas Burgess.

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