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Celtic Cross Hairband<br>

Celtic Cross Hairband

An ancient Celtic Cross with equal arms, featuring Trinity knots, forms this classic pewter hairband. A thick black hair elastic is fixed to the back. Comes in a satin-lined presentation box.

The Celtic Cross is normally joined with a circle, with several different legends of origin (see below),

1 1/2 in. (3.2 cm)

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Celtic Crosses

Some say that the circle represents the 'great wheel of life', dating from the time when the Christian church absorbed the older Celtic religion, with its crossed solar wheel symbol.

Other say it represents the circle of Christ's life, crucifixion, and resurrection.

To an Irish Catholic, the circle may symbolize eternity and the endlessness of God's love.

One legend tells how St. Patrick was shown a sacred standing stone of the ancient Celts, that was marked with a circle of the moon goddess. It is said he made the mark of a Latin cross through the circle and blessed the stone, making the first Celtic Cross.

Today, the Celtic Cross is as much a symbol of one's Irish, Scottish, Manx, Welsh or Cornish heritage, as it is of one's faith.

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