Temporary Celtic Tattoos

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'Tattoo' comes from the Polynesian word 'tatau'. Most ancient cultures were tattooed, including the Celts. The art almost died out in medieval Europe (banned by the Church), until centuries later, when sailors exploring the Pacific saw the Polynesian tattoo art. This later revived the tradition back in Europe.

Celtic art (since c. 500 BC) was highlighted by Irish and Scots monks (c. 800 AD) in fabulous manuscripts. Our temporary tattoos are based on art found in Ireland, Scotland, Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and Galicia/Asturias.

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Small Triscele Tattoo - T1
Small Triscele Tattoo
Large Triscele Tattoo - T2
Large Triscele Tattoo
Celtic Armband Tattoo - B1
Celtic Armband Tattoo

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